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This page contains links to writing and web pages by Cliff Eyland about his own work.

For writing about Eyland's work, please see: Bibliography. For Eyland's writing on work by other artists, please see: Writing. To view Eyland's 1992 book of illustrated essays, please see: The 100,000 Names of Art (16MB PDF) To view Eyland's online posts since 2006 to the art magazine Akimbo, please click here.

Eyland's art band The Abzurbs.

Eyland's scheme to catagorize his art.

An artist's statement.

Eyland's 1981 "File Card Intervention" project.

Eyland's "file card sentences."

Eyland's collaborative project with poet Joseph Sherman about Raoul Wallenberg ("Wallenberg Country").

Eyland's essay about money and art.

Eyland's scheme of Fibonacci numbers.

An autobiographical sketch.

A biographical chronology.

Eyland's use of his own paintings to jury an exhibition.

A 1997 interview with Eyland by Ray Cronin.

Eyland's thoughts on self-portraiture.

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